Tea Story Inspiration

The Story of Tea Story

When I was a child, my father traveled a lot. We didn’t see that much of him as he went to different places all over the world. I loved my dad, and whenever he was around, we had a good time and did fun things.

One of his trips was to Sri Lanka. He brought back a lovely teapot of a special shape that held a lot of tea in it. From then on, whenever he was at home, we would drink loose leaf tea from the pot together as a family, and it became our tradition.

Tea Story is a tribute to those times, and to my dad. The vision of Tea Story is to bring people together over the magic of a hot cup of love. The aroma of the tea, the warmth of the cup when you hold it in your hand. It’s all about the love.

We are offering you the very best in loose leaf tea, brought to you with that same love. Our vision is that through sharing a cup of tea, people will also share their stories.

Sadly, when my dad passed away I had tons of photos but I didn’t know the stories behind them. I wanted to know the story behind those safari pictures, those other photos that were so much fun to look at.

This is why I created the Tea Story journal, called – My Life, Lessons and Legacies. I feel it is so important for us to share the stories we have in our lives with those who are important to us. The journal is a way to put those stories into something that a person can hold in his or her hand, and feel your presence. In the journal are prompts to get the juices flowing and tell the story that you want to share, including things that your family may not know about you. Even if you don’t have a family, the journal can be a way to share with a friend those things that are most important to you.

The journal is a great gift to give someone you love, letting them know that you care about their story, or to use yourself to create a memory book for those you love.

Groups of five or more can book a Tea Story Gathering to taste the wonderful teas that our company offers. When you book a Tea Story Gathering , we will assign you a Tea Master who will either visit you and your friends in person, or online if you are further away. The Tea Master will guide you through the process of brewing up a pot full of comfort and sharing and teach you about the benefits of the wonderful herbs.

It’s all part of creating and nurturing communities. We are forming a Tea Story community to connect tea lovers and caring people with one another. I hope you will join us in this adventure as we learn more about how to share our most precious moments.