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  • Arnold Palmer Lemonade Iced Tea Packages

    The name “Arnold Palmer” has legendary roots as an original beverage combination of iced tea and lemonade named after the professional golfer, who was known to order the drink at the country club bars.

    It is fun, refreshing drink that can be enjoyed poolside, in your backyard, after golf or anywhere!

    Our Arnold Palmers packets are a delicious blend of Irish Breakfast Black Tea and True Lemon Lemonade.

    Just add two tea bags to 2 quarts of cold water, leave it in the refrigerator for 8 hours, remove the tea bags, add two packets of True Lemon Lemonade, stir and enjoy over ice.

    Try every flavor- Start with Lemon Tea and then branch out to try Peach Lemon Tea, Raspberry Lemon Tea and Strawberry Lemon Tea.

    True Lemon is made from Real Lemons. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Sweetened with Stevia and sugar.

    10 calories, 1 g sugar per packet

    Non-GMO and gluten free.