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  • Manners are Magical

    Karen Joseph loves making an impact on people’s lives. She is a former educator and knows how important magical manners are for a lifetime of confidence, happiness and success.

    Take just 10-15 minutes a day for 30 days to teach young ones the habit of Magical Manners and how to use them.

    This book has fun games and activities for each day to help make learning good manners a rewarding and memorable time for grown-ups and kids alike!!

  • Tea Story Journal

    This journal contains several questions to get the memories from your life flowing. It takes you from Early Childhood to the present; it even gets you thinking about your future. You can purchase your own copy of our “My Life, Lessons, and Legacies” Journal for only $18.97, or if you book a Tea Story Gathering with a group of 5 friends, or more, it is included in your Tea Story Kit.

    When we go back and revisit old memories, we have the power to choose how we want to relive those things in the present. Over time, our perspective on things we did or saw as a child or young adult can change. This journal gives you the opportunity to travel back in time and examine what experiences led to influencing who you are today.

    Our hope is that this journal helps you tell your story, from your unique point of view. When we share our life stories, we gain appreciation, feel empowered, and leave a legacy when we pass on. It is our goal at Tea Story to help you create your life story, reflect on important life lessons, and leave behind a legacy that will inspire the next generation to do the same.