Our Story

About Karen Joseph

Nice to (virtually) meet you!  I am Karen Joseph, founder and creator of Tea Story.  I created this brand with the intentions of bringing people together to share a delicious cup of tea and to also share their life stories. I have always loved hearing stories from people’s lives.  It started when I was a very young girl and my grandmother came to visit us in Massachusetts from New York. She always stayed for a few days and the highlight of the trip was listening to her stories about working at Camp Laurelwood.  She could tell me time and time again about how the staff played pranks on the director of the camp and how one day he woke up to find his desk floating in the pool.

When my Dad passed away at the young age of 59, I realized that all of his life stories went with him.  No longer could I hear about his childhood in the Bronx or his travels around the world while working in the garment center.

People call me Konnector Karen, because all my life, I’ve been about putting people together to share what makes them happy. For eleven years, I have nurtured my network called Seven Networking, which has chapters all over the US. It makes me so happy when people get together and have a good time.

Tea Story came out of my love of tea and my love of bringing people together.

When people share their stories over a cup of tea, something magical happens.

The magic of tea has been known for many centuries, and now we offer you the best so that you can continue the traditions of friends and families growing and nurturing kindness together. Human kindness arises along with the lovely aroma of brewing tea. Taking that time to be together and enjoy a simple pleasure makes a deep connection that goes beyond words.

I am excited to share my little piece of happy with you.

Enjoy your tea and please write down your life stories, lessons and legacies.  Your future generations will thank you!!