Tea Story FAQ's

This is a very common question, especially amongst those who are new to the world of tea. Even though there has been a push to improve bagged teas, the bottom line is that they will never be in the same class as loose leaf teas. This is because loose leaf tea offers deep aromas, sophisticated flavor profiles, and unparalleled freshness.

You may be wondering how this is achieved. Well, most loose leaf tea varieties are hand-picked. Then, they go through a labor-intensive process to cultivate and preserve all natural flavors. It has also been proven that loose leaf tea contains higher levels of antioxidants. This means that your mind, body, and soul gain more of the health benefits that are associated with drinking tea.

On the other hand, bagged teas are considered to be the lowest grade of tea available. This is due to the fact that most bagged teas are made using only the “dust” or “fannings” from whole tea leaves. These small particles of tea are machine processed using a method called Cut, Tear, Curl (CTC). Then, these particles are packed into standard, low-flow bags via machine and placed on warehouse shelves before being shipped out to stores. The problem with this is that tea needs room to expand if a full body flavor is to develop. So, generally speaking, bagged teas can have a flavor that is harsh or bitter. They can also lack many of the vitamins, nutrients, and health benefits that loose leaf tea blends contain.

At Tea Story, our natural tea bags encompass both style and elegance. Their transparent, silken appearance displays the beautiful colors, shapes, and quality of our small batch, handmade herbal tea blends. Because our tea bags are like no other, you end up with a healthier brew.

Our tea bags do NOT have any staples, glue, adhesives, or bleach. Our innovative tea bag material allows for more water circulation, which provides a better infusion. This yields an enhanced flavor without any added “paper taste.” So, you don’t need to worry about our bags affecting flavor, aroma, or enjoyment of your brew.

Tea Story teas are packed by weight, not volume. So, you may notice that one blend of tea looks either smaller or larger than another blend, even though they both weigh the same.

While you may be envisioning workers in lab coats occupying a giant factory with stacks of ingredients and curious equipment, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are a small, specialized, owned-and-operated business. Our Tea Story studio, located in Chandler, Arizona, is decidedly low-key. You have our promise that everything we make is blended with love, positive intentions, and so much gratitude for you, our Tea Story customer.

At Tea Story, we start with an intention in mind – a great tea to sip on while reading the latest best seller, the perfect tea to cheer on a holiday celebration, or an ideal tea to serve after a big meal. We purposely use select ingredients from around the world. Then, our teas are heavily tested to guarantee nothing but the best experience for our customers. In fact, our tea is blended by a Master Herbalist and a Certified Clinical Aromacare Practitioner. She assess each tea blend’s aroma, visual appeal, taste, re-steepability, and more. Ultimately, only the finest teas are hand-blended in larger batches, exclusively for our customers.

Over the years, there have been an abundance of scientific studies done to assess the health benefits of tea. You can also find plenty of anecdotal evidence to support people getting emotional relief from sitting down for a thoughtful cup.

With that said, our expertise is in flavors, not healthcare; thus, we cannot make any health claims or make any medical recommendations for using our teas for gaining specific health benefits. Therefore, we strongly suggest you speak with your doctor for more information.

Nutritional facts for our sweets are provided on the individual product pages, where available. Otherwise, tea itself does not provide a significant amount of "nutrients" (as defined by the FDA - including calories, carbs, etc.) to warrant nutritional facts.

Note: Tea Story teas are all gluten free, dairy free, and vegan friendly. They do not contain any sweeteners (natural or artificial). All ingredients in the tea blends are listed on the individual product pages.

In general, we recommend 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea per 8-ounce mug of water. Yet, it is up to your own taste and discretion to add either more or less.

Note: Our teas are made fresh, using organically grown ingredients, so you should always start by just using 1 teaspoon per cup; you can also steep most teas twice to extend your enjoyment.

There are two questions to answer before going any farther:

  1. Have you tried varying the amount of tea per water, as well as the amount of steep time?
  2. Does your infuser allow the tea to expand?

If you have already tried the suggestions above, you might also try using filtered water (if you have hard water). We would also recommend always using fresh water for each brew and NOT reusing water already in the kettle.

We strongly recommend following the cold brew method, which is adding 2 teaspoons of tea to 8 ounces of cold water and placing it in the refrigerator overnight.

All of Tea Story’s teas are blended by hand. In fact, we only work on an exact pre-order basis. This means that we purposefully only make enough of each batch to fulfill our current demand. Therefore, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on the teas that we sell. This policy also includes all of our tea accessories and ancillary products.

Tea Story is not in any way responsible for delays or errors made by shipping carriers. So, if you find that you get a shipment that isn’t your cup of tea, we ask that you pass it along to a friend or family member who will enjoy it. Then, please share your feedback with us, so we can continue to improve our process and product(s) to ensure your satisfaction.